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Printable IRS Forms Search

To find any printable IRS tax form, enter the desired federal income tax form name or number into the search box above. This free search returns the most up-to-date versions of 2011-2012, printable tax forms. Earlier forms, instructions, and other official documentation are also available.  

You can receive an automatic extension of time to file your tax return.

File this  automatic tax extension, (form 4868),  for an extension of approximately 6 months before you must complete your tax return. This is not an extension for payment of any monies you might owe the IRS.  To escape interest or penalties, you should send any money owing to the IRS before April 17… even if you are not yet prepared to complete your tax return.

Here are the most commonly sought tax forms, instructions and information publications.
Form 1040 Form - (Instructions)
1040A Form - (Instructions)
1040EZ Form - (Instructions)
1040ES Form - (instructions included)
Schedule A - (Instructions)
Schedule B - (instructions included)
W-4 Form - (instructions included)
Schedule D - (Instructions)
Form 8949 - (Instructions)
Schedule SE - (Instructions)
Form 1040X - (Instructions)
2011 Tax Tables
Form W-2 - (Instructions)
Schedule C - (Instructions)
Form W-9 - (Instructions)
Form 941 - (Instructions)
Form 1099-MISC - (Instructions)
(e-file refund date chart)
Form 4868 - (instructions included)
Form 8863 - (Instructions)
Form 8917 - (instructions included)


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Status of Your Tax Refund- If you are wondering, "Where is my tax refund?", the IRS is offering a useful service.  You can apply to them directly, online, to receive
your tax refund status report.

File Taxes for Free- You can file online for free with IRS Free File.  It's easiest to start the process from the IRS website. Here's their criteria form to determine from which companies you might choose. If your gross adjusted income is greater than $57,000, you'll need to use the Free E-filing online forms system.

Trouble Finding IRS Forms- If you are having trouble locating your IRS form through the above search box, you may prefer to scroll through an exhaustive list of all current IRSforms.  You can find this alphanumerically arranged list at: Free Printable Tax Forms.

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